Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Prayer Please/Adam Update

To You The Saints of Grace, Love and Mercy doing all things through Jesus Christ !!!!

Well how did things go with Adam? To this I can hardly fashion an adequate answer. Adam came back from seeing Jackie a spiritually awakened man. He was blown away by the things she told him. She prayed for him before he left. He is going back next week. He in that short time has already developed a respect and trust for her. She spoke the truth of Jesus Christ into his life. When he came back he chatted a long time with me and we spoke about relationships, what being a Christian is really about, spiritual warfare, Satan etc etc. Yea, hello I am talking about Adam. It was just mind blowing. Hey Donny one of the scriptures I spoke to him about was Elisha in 2Kings 6, to see with spiritual eyes.
Yesterday while walking to the bus stop at about 4.40pm (app was at 5pm) I cried out to God to pour out a special extra portion of His mercy and grace on Adam.
Thank you so much for your prayers, you know the battle for Adam as for all of us is not over yet, please keep him in your prayers and keep covering each other in prayer.
What an awesome God we serve His love endures forever. All glory to Him.

See below is a prayer request from our sister, although I'm quite concerned about the terms of reference to yours truly. Just do the stuff.

Good morning Fruit Cake

I received a prayer request this morning from my best friend in JHB Sharon, she told me that her gran, Myra White, was rushed to hospital yesterday with heart problems, please could you send out a prayer request on her behalf. Funny she is a bit confused, her mother is a Mormen, she believes in God, but she feels that we all go a bit to the extreme. She phoned me first thing this morning to ask me to pray for her gran, AMEN to that!!!!!!!!!!!


LoCTY !!!!!!

PS Sorry answer so late in the day, but I've been in back to back meetings today.

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