Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I Need You Now

To The Precious Saints !!!!

Every morning I wake up, do you think I thank and praise and worship my Saviour? Of course I do! I mean you all know me as this wonderful, incredible, fine upstanding Christian to whom you all look up to as such a great example. Yeah right ! Lemme tell you anything good you see in me is from God (James 1:17) and that is only made possible by His love, grace and mercy which I'm slowly coming to realise through Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit. Sometimes I'm in despair for those around me, sometimes I'm so lost, in a panic, don't have the courage to get up and go out in this crazy world which is driven by pride and fear. I ask God what do you really want me to do in this crazy mixed up world today? I'm really a paralysis analysis oke. But you know if I humble myself and talk to Him ('cause we all can) He reaches down and through His love, He restores my eternal hope and says just trust me,you are my child and I have given you the authority of my son, 'cause without Jesus this world just does not make any sense at all.
So in these past few days I have carefully walked (with Jesus) through all kinds of 'things' good and bad and when I'm feeling lost, when I'm hurting, when I see those around me being hurt, thousands dying in natural catastrophes,wars, whose fault is it? Who does the 'world' blame? You got it, God. Even those who don't believe he exists will quite contritely tell you that is why they cannot believe in Him 'cause of all the 'bad' stuff going on in the world today. Man, even they know something is wrong and mankind has not been able to fix it and is not 'evolving' into something better, forget all the nasty four letter words, there is one three letter word that blows them all away and that word is SIN. Jesus in Matthew 24 told us that in the last days these things would happen. Paul on many occasions expands on this in his letters to the various churches and then there is the book of Revelation. How many of us read the bible, how many of us pick up the pattern as to how God dealt with the Jews in the Old Testament? So many just dis the bible without even having opened it. They ask you to explain your faith without referring to the bible, ha now that is a good way to install a crunching handicap. Just because people believe or disbelieve something does not make it the truth but as Solomon (some wise oke) said there is nothing new under the sun.
Ag Raymond you know people have been saying that for years, that the end of the world is nigh. So how can we take this seriously anymore this is really the genre of crackpots and lunatics. Don't worry, they laughed at Noah as well, who was this crazy old man building this colossal contraption in his back yard. They stopped laughing when they started to drown. There is a cliché that goes like this, "the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn anything at all."
Of course then there is that other wannabe god. Satan who comes to lie, cheat and destroy, has anyone noticed him? What is his main aim, you mean you don't know? Come on, he wants to either stop you from getting to a relationship with God or if you have one to drive a wedge in it and break it down, he wants you to act outside of God's love and purely for yourself. He wants you to worship him. Just perchance do you see any evidence of his handiwork in this world today. But don't be fooled he is already defeated but he wants to take you down with him.
But when I look at people, when I deal with them I know Jesus died for each and everyone (John 3:16) on this messed up planet no matter what you believe but the only way out is through Him (remember the song by Sir Cliff) and I know I need my Saviour Jesus Christ every day of my life to help me do His will and to help me show His love, grace and mercy.

I've never seen that little town where You where born
It was long before my time and far away
But as time goes on I think about You more and more
And wonder what it was like in those days
I wish I could have walked with You
You might have called me friend
But there's no way I could have known You then

But I know You now
I know Your name
A lot of awesome things You did and why you came

I didn't know You when You helped that lame man rise up from his bed
I didn't know You when You stood there and called Lazarus from the dead
But I know You now

I didn't see You feed that tired hungry crowd with five loaves and two fish one afternoon
And I didn't see You catch Peter's hand so he wouldn't drown
When he tried to walk on water like You
I couldn't see Your face when You taught those little kids
There's just no way I could have seen You then

But I see You now
I see Your love
I see a tiny glimpse of You in every one of us
I didn't see You on the Mount of Olives crying as You prayed
I couldn't see You when You were kissed by Judas and betrayed
But I see You now

Oh , I didn't need You when that cruel and angry mob shouted "crucify him"
And I couldn't have needed You when they laughed and mocked You
But it could be that I'm a little bit like them

'Cause I need You now
I need Your grace
And how I needed Your forgiveness to be saved

I didn't need You when Pilate's soldiers beat You to the ground
I didn't need You when You hung there bleeding from Your thorny crown

But I need You now
Oh, I need You now
I need You now......
(I need You now,words by Kelly Shiver performed by Billy Ray Cyrus from the album The Other Side)

LoCTY !!!!!

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