Wednesday, May 30, 2007

All For You!

Precious Saints!!!!

This past weekend saw me being part of a team of sinners saved by grace helping, leading and teaching others about God's grace. Yes it was another Alpha Holy Spirit weekend. What a joy to serve our Lord Jesus Christ the absolutely and completely greatest blessing in the universe.

But first let me back track a bit and I'll try to be as honest as I can with you. You see it was not in MY plan to serve on the Alpha team this year. I had planned to take a years mathematical (yeah George @Vodocom) from Alpha. But then I was invited ever so lovingly and graciously to serve by someone who I respect and love very much. I discussed it with Allie and we agreed that it would be okay. So off I went and was selected as a small group leader for the duration of the ten week course. Then of course some things went wrong. Allie fell very ill while I was on the Alpha and eventually resigned from her job. I felt a tremendous pull and often a bit guilty going off on Wednesday nights when I knew Allie was not too well. But I constantly prayed for strength and healing for both of us and the guys on team as well as my buddies were also praying for us. So I just kept at it. Before we knew it the weekend away was upon us. Now I had been struggling with a cold/flu and running a temperature off and on for about three weeks but because of all round pressure(specially at work) I just kept pushing on. That is until my body started screaming at my head and asking, "Hey is there a brain up there somewhere?" So eventually I surrendered and went to the doc who diagnosed me as having a triple whammy, flu, sinisitus and bronchitus. He then promptly booked me off for three days and gave me a prescription of anti-biotics, pain killers and cough mixture. Then I really thought I was ill. Well this happened in the week leading up to the Alpha weekend. I wondered if I was gonna make it to the weekend. Anyways I rested as much as I could and tried my best not to worry as to what was happening at work.

Friday came and I got out of bed at about 11am and slowly got ready for the weekend. Dressed and packed, my lift came around about 3.30pm and we were off. Needless to say I really wasn't that rearing to go and I didn't really feel like I was in top form. But you you know God is awesome. You just have to make the effort to pitch up, trust Him, be obedient, be faithful and you will be abosutely amazed at the way He uses ordinary people (like you and me) in an extraordinary way.

The weekend was an absolute blast of a blessing from God. I ended up also being the 'projector pixie', working the overhead transparencies for the words to the praise and worship songs. Not that the selfish( me selfish, no waze Jose!) part of me initially wanted to do it know His Holy Spirit really knows wots good for you. Oh yeah and I made a fair amount of mistakes. The way God used people on this weekend and just the way that He was constantly at work was absolutely mind blowing. You just can't take it all in and for weeks afterwards you just think about things that happened and God just reveals things to you.

God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Helper God's Holy Spirit just constantly washed us with their Love and healed broken and hurting people. You know the best view in the world is to see God working in a person nothing compares to it, when God works in and through you to minister His grace mercy and love to others. Everything was just so purposeful, even the small things. The fellowship was blessed. We had four churches at the weekend, the Goodwood, Milnerton and Malmsbury Methodist churches and the Goodwood Roman Catholic Church. What a tremendous unity His Holy Spirit wove into us as we all worshiped God as one.

Well we all had to leave on Sunday and I was missing my family tremendously as well.Then that night we had a tremendous Celebration service at Goodwood Meth and then God used me again (no not my plan to be used or my idea) to minister His love after the service.

So wotz God calling you to do. Simple really. He's saying here receive my free gifts of grace, mercy and love. Soak them up in your soul and then go and pass them on to the rest of the world, do this where ever you find yourself and as often as you possibly can, don't worry if no one is around to see your good deeds 'cause God will see them. Don't worry about being in the so called 'right' place like a church just do it.

All For You - Reuben Morgan

You surround me with singing
You restore me in Your grace again
I'm alive in You
You are faithful, Saviour
You are holy
And my trust is in the power of Your name
You remember mercy
You are near me
I have life again
Now I belong to You
I will lift my hands
I will lift my voice
All for You
It's all for You
Take up my cross
I surrender
All for You
It's all for You
Your Kingdom, Is rising
Use me I pray
Your Kingdom, Is rising
Use me I pray



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