Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mighty Men Western Cape 2011

Last weekend (18-20 March 2011) I attended a Mighty Men Conference on Elohim farm in the region of Paarl. I must be honest I was not too sure if I wanted to go on the weekend as I’m wary of para-church organizations. You know they can give you this big WOW factor and you then compare it to your home church and often you feel that you are being let down in your home church.

The theme of the weekend was Dying to Serve. It was well but humbly presented. Angus Buchan was the main speaker. Oom (Uncle) Angus’ messages were simple and direct and really struck home. He has a sincere passion to rear up and encourage Godly men. 

During Angus’ message on Saturday morning I was crying without first of all being aware of it. I had these tears streaming down my cheeks and I thought it was just sweat. Angus was talking about resting while you serve. It was just so appropriate for me.

The Saturday was blistering hot, 44 degrees Celsius. The ground on which we were camping was rock hard, man it was even hot in the shade, of which there was very little. The fellowship with my friends was amazing and such a blessing.  Once again they pulled me out of my shell and challenged me to do something which I probably would not have done without them. During the evening worship on Saturday, out in the open, we saw this incredible shooting star. It was almost as if God was saying, “I see you there worshiping me….”

There are so many stories to tell, from the open air showers, snoring, tents blowing down, serving each other, that I feel I could write a book. One thing I must mention is that I found a new appreciation in worshiping our Lord in Afrikaans. It was spine tingling to hear 15,000 men sing How Great Thou Art in Afrikaans and without backing music. 

There are some more pics on my Face Book album if you want to go check them out, here is the link;


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