Friday, November 4, 2005

Street Evangelism (4)

So another coupla months have gone by and we are still walking up and down Voortrekker Road whenever we can dishing out tracts about “Your Most Important Relationship.”
The devil is still whispering into my ear all the lies and doubts that he has at his disposal. “So do you really think these stupid pieces of paper are going to make any difference in people’s lives, hey who do you think you are to go and interfere without invitation in other people’s lives, it’s really cold tonight much more comfortable in front of the heater, something really good on TV tonight, do you know how dangerous Voortrekker road is at night?…..” and on and on. Just one thing if you are gonna do anything for God’s kingdom be prepared for the lies, the doubts, be prepared to do battle but remember this, that the devil has already been defeated (by Christ on the cross) and he only has as much power as you give him, also don’t go and be no Lone Ranger and do stuff on your own. You are part of the Body of Christ, always pray, always ask for help and if the only help that someone can give you is to pray for your protection then thankfully and gracefully accept it.
Lately God has blessed me with some new people who are as crazy for Christ as I am. So we have a bunch of ‘fruity’ Christians who go out together, normally on Friday evenings and really encourage each other and have wonderful fellowship at the same time.
When you ‘hit’ the street you really do not have any idea what to expect. We always pray for ‘divine appointments’ but I often feel that everyone we meet is a ‘divine appointment’. Just being there out on the street makes a huge statement for the Body of Christ.
We have recently added to our repertoire by going to visit the Goodwood police station after we have walked up to Vasco Boulevard. I remember the first time going in there (the cop shop) and the policeman behind the charge office counter asking me if he could help me. I answered that we would like to help them by praying for them and their families. By the look on his face you could see that this was not something that was covered in his training manual. Anyways God always comes through and the duty commander gave us his blessing and a policewoman joined us in prayer and we gave out a few Gospels of John and some tracts. I just want you to imagine if you can, standing in a passage at the police station on a Friday night praying out loud (and in tongues)to our Father in the name of Jesus Christ for His Holy Spirit to protect and convict all those around you. Awesome stuff!!!!!
During another visit to the cop shop we met up with a woman whose 22 year old son had just been arrested. She was bringing him some McDonalds to eat as he was locked up in a cell. It reminded me so much of Allie and myself and what we went through with Adam at one stage. We invited her to join our prayer circle and afterwards we ministered to her and also prayed for her son. She just could not stop crying. My heart just ached for her. She seemed just so utterly forlorn and alone. Always remember though that Jesus is with you always and He will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5)
So ja all I can say to you is that your faith is like a muscle. If you don’t exercise a muscle it does not get stronger. If you don’t test (do stuff for God) your faith then it isn’t gonna grow much stronger. So just do whatever God is calling you to do, use whatever God has given you for His glory and serve Him. If you are reading this and you reckon you got nothing to give, that’s a lie. Even if all you got is to clean toilets or wash dishes you can do it for the glory of God’s kingdom.
I just would like to thank all those of you walked with me this past year and also those who prayed for this ministry in anyway even if it was just for a second. I really appreciate your loving contributions.

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