Saturday, August 16, 2008

Have you heard......the news today?

So have you heard the news today?
Screaming out at you today
From every possible source
Your television, the internet, your mobile
The newspapers, magazines and word of mouth
Gotta stay apace with what’s happening
In the world today
Gotta get organized to be informed
So I know what’s really going on
Even though most of it’s bad
Just war, murder, and disasters
And a million ways to make a million
Screaming at me everyday
Until I’m totally overwhelmed
And retreat into a state
Of being comfortably numb
And what I’m really looking for……
Is hope to hang onto
A love to hold close
To see me through
But it all seems to fade away
In the screams of the everyday
But the real news
Is the good news
And it’s over three and a half thousand years old
But it’s up to date everyday
About a man who came to die
For you and me
To give us all a hope to hang onto
And a love to hold close
So have you heard His good news today?


Midori みどり said...

Love your poem.The love of Christ truly do comfort us! Please remember to do our small part to keep the world in peace and green! God bless you!

Gibbo said...

This is beautiful and at the same time shattering, because of its truth........i am virtually in really touched me....continue to use the gift God has given are bringing Him Glory!!

LoCTY said...

Thank you my friend and brother in Christ!

Sandi said...

This was perfect!


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