Saturday, November 8, 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by Scott McQueen from Just A Thought on the 1 November and I'm only getting around to it now. So Scott humble apologies for my tardiness and thanks for the tag. Mmmm I'm pretty new at this so lettuce C........7 things huh....

1. I accepted Jesus as my Saviour when I was forty.
2. I used to be a Jehovah's Witness in the 80's
3. I have been divorced twice.
4. I work for the City of Cape Town's Health Directorate as a finance officer, my big boss(Helen Zille) is the worlds best mayor.
5. I have a step-son(Adam 25), step-daughter(Lisa 32), son(Matthew 11) and a grandson(Aronne 7 months)
6. I am married to Allie who puts up with all my nonsense and is the love of my life.
7. I really wanna do something BIG for God(always wanted to write a book, now want to do it for His glory) but I'm coming to realise that He is directing my footsteps and making me more and more aware of His gentle whisper.

Phew didit! Now 'cause I've been so slow I will have to think about who I can tag. That will be for another post methinks.


penlighted said...

you were a Jehova's Witness..what about now?

God bless you more and thank you for the comments in my blog as well..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful writing! Those tags always make you stop and think of things to write! But you did a beautiful job my friend! Blessings!

Power Up Love said...

Read your tag. It sounds like you might have a good story, and some good testimony. I invite you to share your story/testimony to be posted at

May God Bless...

LoCTY said...

To Penlighted,
Now I'm a spirit filled Jesus Freak! My spiritual 1st home is the Goodwood Methodist Church, my second spiritual home is the Full Gospel Church in Bothasig.

To Valerie Lynn,
Thank you once again for your gracious comment.I pray your healing is coming through.

To Power Up Love,
I recently gave my testimony for the first time at my church. It is actually in the form of a letter to my cousin who is still with the JWs. I plan to post it soon on this blog and then I would love to share it on your site. Thank you so much for the invite.


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