Monday, December 20, 2010


Hi to everyone reading this. I suppose looking at this blog some people may have been wondering right.... what's happened to this guy, he has just kinda disappeared. So it's been two years now since I have posted anything. At the time in 2008 a couple of weeks before Christmas a 'feeling'/prompting just came to me to stop blogging. His Holy Spirit was preparing me for something else, starting me off on another path.

I started to see some of that direction when I started a home bible study group in May 2009, nope no huge dramatic beginnings.I humbly tried my best to be obedient to the prompting of His Holy Spirit. Well the study of His word in this small group has been a huge revelation to me. My co-leader and I prayed for direction and material and we were guided one book at a time and we received what we needed.

So we started with John's gospel, it took us a year to finish studying this book. Then on to Galatians and 1 and 2 Thessalonians. So up till now (December 2010) we have completed up to 1 Thessalonians and next year after the Christmas break we will continue with 2 Thessalonians, 1 & 2 Corinthians and then Romans. I think that's about roughly a three year plan.

While leading the home group in 2009 one of the church elders asked me to consider stepping into the gap to fill the Education Commission post for the church. After about three months of prayer, waiting and meditation (no I'm not a fast mover!)I finally accepted. I began to realise that what the Holy Spirit was leading us to do in the small group was meant to be taken out to the church as a whole. So there I had it, direction and a God given programme. Amazing. Initially I was only asked to fill a gap for about a year and a half. I left it in God's will to see if the body would elect me for a full three year period. This duly came about in December this year (2010) were I was elected at the church's AGM for a three year term to head up the Education Commission.

As for this blog I have considered many a time to 'shut it down', delete it whatever as I was not really posting anything to it. I have decided to leave it up, well as long as Google allow it to keep going if nothing much is happening with it. I still get the occasional visitor here and sometimes some people even tarry/stay (I love that word tarry) for awhile. If one person can get encouragement and enjoyment out of what I have written here then it is well worth it. God works in mysterious ways. I want to try and fix up some of the links to the music just for the enjoyment of the visitors that come here and I have one or two posts to put up. One is my salvation testimony which is in the form of a letter to someone I dearly love, trying to explain what actually happened to me when I met my Saviour Jesus for the very first time.I will leave the person's name out of the letter for their privacy.

Oh yeah please feel free to tell me about things that are not working on this blog by commenting on the latest post with your observations, it will help me to go and fix them up.
So there you have it for now.


Lori Laws said...

Raymond! I was excited to see a comment from you in my email. Wow, 2 former bloggers are BACK!

I am so blessed to hear what you are doing with your church, and how you are being sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is asking of you. All I can say is... Woohoo, you go Raymond!

I wish that you and yours have a great Christmas and a blessed 2011 :) God bless!

LoCTY said...

Lori thanks for your words of encouragement so much appreciated. I will listen and wait and see and try my best to be obedient to His will.

Angel Casiano said...

Hello Raymond: First I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. We don't know the impact of what we write unless others tell us. THank you so much for your kind words and concerns. I also started reading your blog and brother, I am so glad that you are back after two years off. I have the feeling that the best of your writting is yet to come my friend. May the Lord bless you in your Home Bible Study. That Home Fellowship is powerful. Lets keep in touch... and welcome back!

de javu said...

keep spirit for blogging ok :)


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