Sunday, February 20, 2011

Walter at McDonald's

Most Sunday evenings after church we go eat at the Mac’s just around the corner from the church. Yes I know junk food and all that but as a family we enjoy it and it solves the problem of having to go home at 8-8.30pm and still make something to eat
A few Sundays ago we were walking back to the car, after having finished our meal. I just out of courtesy thanked the security guard that was patrolling the area. Allie then got the ‘feeling’ to give him some money to buy a cup of coffee. He thanked us whole heartedly and we continued to walk to our car. As we got to the car he came up to us and just asked if this is our car. We answered  yes and then he said he had been ‘reading’ our car and he had taken all the scriptures down and was going to go and check and see in what context they were written in the bible. Wow, great stuff. We then chatted to each other about our wonderful God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. 

He introduced himself as Walter. He is from the Shona tribe in Zimbabwe. What an amazing man of God he is. We have come to know him better from our visits to Mac’s and he just shines the light of Christ  out to the world. Always helping people and going the extra mile, doing the job that he is doing it is not easy to remain positive. We are blessed to have met him. 

See below our car, Allie likes to stick scriptures on the back window.


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