Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Do You Remember What I've Done? 2

Yo Saints !!!!!!

So there I was feeling pretty chuffed with myself for heeding the gentle whisper of His Holy Spirit and wearing my heart on my sleeve for you wacky (but much loved) bunch of people. And then there were a coupla emails and phone calls back to me. The general line of comment was something like this "Hey bozo, where is the attachment? Where is the testimony, did you FORGET to attach it?!, Do you actually know how to work your email package?"
Phew you guys are a tuff audience. Actually I was just doing the good husband, trusted confidant thing. I had not asked Allie her permission to send out her testimony to the bunch of you, but I did that last night and she is happy to do that.
So here it is and something extra as well as I also include the way God used this testimony yesterday and just remember this started with Paul and Belinda's testimonies.
All of you out there have a miraculous testimony, although you might not think so, your testimony can break down walls, barriers and be an incredible instrument for God. Your testimony is a living day by day sacrifice to your Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ which takes in the past, present and future, never be ashamed of it, wear it as a shining badge inside and outside you, a badge that shines/reflects God's glory. I just smile when people say God don't do no miracles today. The greatest miracle in the universe is when we are reconciled back to God through the blood of Jesus Christ, when we reach that point in our lives when we acknowledge Him as the Lord of our lives, King of Kings, King of Glory.
Below are two emails between Allie and Belinda.

Hi Monds,
See the email below from Belinda.

Well, yes I was sitting the lounge yesterday watching something on TV whilst Matt and Chadd were playing. The phone rang and it was Belinda!. We had such a lovely long chat. The last two times we saw each other was firstly 8+ years ago at my Mom's funeral (I was 6 months pregnant and I think she was 1 month). Then shortly afterwards when I had Matt and he was just born and she was still pregnant, Val and I went to visit. We did not see each other again, perhaps the time was not right. But what am I saying, God's timing is perfect and that is why He has brought us together again!.
She said that she had just read Val's letter and was looking out of the window wondering how she could reach her Mom and Dad. By the way her Mom is my sister Val's best friend who worked in Barclays bank with her before she became a nun. Her Mom and Dad are also Roman Catholic and she considers Belinda a bit of a black sheep as she and her husband Paul now belong to the AOG in Edgemead and not the Catholic church. She turned back to her computer and there was an email waiting for her. MINE!!
She read it with joy and tears and sometime later phoned me and we had a beautiful conversation, sharing and laughing and just overwhelmed that we had such similar testimonies. A 'coincidence'? I don't think so - more likely a GOD incidence.
She asked also if she could share my testimony with her Mom and Dad and others and I said of course. Testimonies are to be shared with everyone. Even the shortest of testimonies is a great witness to God our Loving Heavenly Father.
Praise God from whom all blessings come.
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose".
Romans 8:28
God Bless
Love Allie

God is good.

From Belinda

I just finished reading a letter from Aunty Val...from PE.

AND just turned to my computer..... and opened mail from her sister!!!

so amazing...... I am about to read your testimony now.

Thanks in advance.

I know that this communication is not by chance.....

I know that God has a plan.

I am so excited.

chat later...


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