Monday, May 30, 2005

Street Evangelism (3)

Ya so here I am with a million excuses as to why I have not written a report on the street ministry since last year. Actually I’ll spare you all and just tell it like it is. Just excuse the going back to the future bit.

On the 18th December last year just the week before Christmas we handed out Christmas cards and chocolate to the people we met. Helga and Sean were with me. We had quite a ball and struck up some interesting conversations with all types of people. Just about everyone we handed out to asked us, “How much do these cost?” Our reply was on these lines “ Absolutely free, gratis, no follow up calls, no telemarketing….” and so on. This gave us the gap to talk about God’s wonderful gift of salvation to mankind and His incredible love for us. We did not work this out before hand it just kinda happened.

I remember we handed out to the petrol pump attendant at the one garage and there was quite a well heeled dude filling up his BMW and I went up to him and gave him a chocolate and a card and I told him that this is for him as well. Christ died for everyone in the world. He just kinda smiled at me and said thank you.

Shortly after Christmas I had a fight with my Kreepy Krawly in our swimming pool and needless to say the Kreepy whipped my butt or actually broke my toe and bruised the rest of my foot. So it was very painful to walk for about two months even if it was just going to the toilet. So guess what? No street evangelism for a while.

Then we eventually got back out on the street in March again with Clint and Sean. By that time I could manage a very speedy hobble with not much pain. It was a blustery windswept night, the kinda lekker south easter that blows holes in your body. We met a young man early on in the evening who just rushed past us in a caste iron hurry. Saying he has no time even for just taking a tract. As he walked past me I was already praying for him without realising it. Suddenly he turned around and started talking to the three of us. Asking us tons of questions for about 10 to 15 minutes. I then invited him to give his life to Jesus. I would like to say that we led him to Christ there and then but sadly he declined the offer. We had quite a few encounters that night but that one has stuck in my memory.

Sometimes people throw the tracts away right there and then but we the wind often blows them back to us and we just pick them up and hand them to someone else.

After that evening in March we ran out of tracts and have just been waiting to get all the logistics sorted out to order some more.

During this time (Jan –Mar) one of the women who we met on the street has come to do Alpha and has had a wonderful renewal of her faith by His Holy Spirit. She gave her testimony during the Alpha celebration evening in February and is currently attending the cell group which I facilitate and coming to church with Allie and myself. God is good. All the time and all the time…..God is good. Hope you said it with me.

So as you can see when you serve Jesus everything is just plain sailing without any problems at all. So if you have any problems then our Lord doesn’t want you to do that ministry. Yeah…….right……..pull the other one. No not that toe it’s still healing, the other one. Jesus said “If you refuse to take up your cross and follow me, you are not worthy of being mine. If you cling to your life you will lose it ; but if you give it up for me, you will find it.” He also said that in this world we will have trouble but that he has conquered the world. Go find the scriptures yourself.

So if you do have opposition and difficulties in your ministry pray and ask Jesus and listen to the gentle whisper of His Holy Spirit which will guide you through your trails and give you the strength to persevere.

LoCTY (= Love of Christ to You)

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