Thursday, April 10, 2008


Hi I've finally decided to take the plunge and start a blog. Probably haven't done it before 'cause I've always been wondering is anybody really interested in what I have to say and ja the other thing, there are probably like a zillion blogs saying the same things I'm saying. However the main reason for me doing this, is one of love for you, yep you, don't look around or behind you. I really mean YOU! 'Cause you are really, really special and unique and YOU are much loved.
Well I've been writing little pieces since about 2003/04 and been emailing them to my friends, colleagues and family just to share , uplift, encourage and amuse. Well anyways I hope that's wot it does for them.
First off I'm just gonna post all my emails over time onto my blog, those are the ones that I have manged to save and keep. I have lost some of them due to hard drive crashes and changing PCs over the last four years or so. Yeah I know that sounds like a bit of a cop out but I've really been wanting to put them 'up' somewhere just to share them.
I'm like really new at this and at the moment I'm just kinda stumbling along so I do hope I will improve over time.
Please feel free to comment any which way you want even it's just to comment on my spelling or grammar. I really don't mind. However currently as a husband, father, in full time employment, owning our own house, serving in the church in Mens Ministry and Youth Church I don't have an incredible amount of spare time so forgive me if I don't answer you.
Oh yes by the way LoCTY means Love of Christ To You. Its just kinda something that God gave to me as an idea to use a few years ago. Please feel free to make use of it if you want.

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