Saturday, May 24, 2008

Take A Look At Me

I tried to walk fast past
Didn’t make it
He called out to me
Hey what’s the hurry ?
Didn’t you see me?
I know I smell a bit
And my clothes are torn and dirty
My ‘colour’ is a different ‘colour’
And I come from another country
But have the courage to see me
To speak to me
To look me in the eye
Did you know I am also made in His image
Just like you
I’m not asking for money
But just that you see me as human
So be brave
Have courage
And really take a good look at me
Who knows you might even shake my hand
Or better still
Just give me a hug
Lord knows I really need a touch of His love
I don’t want to die here in your country
I’m so far away from my beloved homeland
So lost and so afraid
Especially when I look into your eyes

I wrote this poem as a reaction to the horrific xenophobic attacks in South Africa in May and June this year.

I dedicate it to Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuave (35) who was burnt alive in a terrible act of mob violence. Referred to as the "burning man" in the media.I refuse to post a picture of his death but rather post a picture of him and then a picture of when he was finally laid to rest at Vuca village in Homoine, Mozambique. He leaves behind a wife and three children aged 12,7 and 4.

Here is a link to the article


Vered said...

We do tend to avoid looking in their eyes, don't we? I think it's mostly shame and guilt.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your recent comment over at

It is always great to meet an ex-cultist. They have such a great perspective on the issues dealing with cults.

I will be publishing another post on JWs real soon and would love your comments on that post or any of the archived posts on JWs found here:

Thanks again for stopping by and remember . . . NEVER COMPROMISE!

- The Pilgrim


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