Monday, September 29, 2008

Bloggers given new Ten Commandments by church leaders

Just wanted to share this article, thought it very interesting……

Christian bloggers have been given a new set of 'Ten Commandments' aimed at delivering them from the temptations of online arguments.

Article from The Daily Telegraph by Alastair Jamieson

The guidelines have been drawn up at a conference in London by the Evangelical Alliance in response to concern at how religious blogs can quickly descend into vitriol.

The commandments, based on those delivered to Moses by God at the top of Mount Sinai, order bloggers not to "make an idol" of their web space, not to misuse their screen name by using anonymity to sin and to remember the Sabbath by taking one day off a week from blogging. They also order: "You shall not use the web to commit or permit adultery in your mind."

The Evangelical Alliance is an umbrella group founded in 1846 that represents thousands of churches of most denominations nationwide

Bloggers are commanded to honour their fellow bloggers and not to get too upset by their mistakes. They shall not murder the reputation of another blogger, shall not give false testimony against a fellow blogger and shall not steal the blog content of another.

Bloggers are also told to be content with their own creation and not to covet their neighbour's blog ranking. Many thousands of blogs have sprung up in the past few years, offering easy access to online opinion forums to any user of the internet.

The "instant access" nature of most blogs means people posting comments often do so in the heat of passion and rarely stop to reflect, as they would if giving a lecture or writing a letter.

The result can be intemperate and sometimes foul language aimed at either the author of the blog or other contributors.

Krish Kandiah, executive director of Churches in Mission, said: "These commandments are virtual rather than set in stone, but are offered to the blogging community as a way to link the Ten Commandments with the art of blogging.

"In the ever-changing information age, what we need is wisdom for life, and God communicates wisdom to our culture through the Bible on every issue from social justice to social networking."

Mark Meynell, senior associate minister for All Souls Church, Langham Place, London, said: "The internet is merely the latest step in the evolution of human communication – and so like any other new medium, it presents us with huge opportunities as well as challenges.

"It is essential that Christians make the most of it because we believe we have good news that is as relevant to those in cyberspace as it is for those in real space."

Ten commandments for bloggers:

1 You shall not put your blog before your integrity

2 You shall not make an idol of your blog

3 You shall not misuse your screen name by using your anonymity to sin

4 Remember the Sabbath day by taking one day off a week from your blog

5 Honour your fellow-bloggers above yourselves and do not give undue significance to their mistakes

6 You shall not murder someone else's honour, reputation or feelings

7 You shall not use the web to commit or permit adultery in your mind

8 You shall not steal another person's content

9 You shall not give false testimony against your fellow-blogger

10 You shall not covet your neighbour's blog ranking. Be content with your own content


penlighted said...

the ten commandments for bloggers is really interesting and should definitely be followed...

thanks for sharing this..

Lori said...

Hey Raymond, how did things go for you on saturday...i was thinking about you:)

LoCTY said...

Hi Lori,

It went well I might do a post about it or just share with a few of my close blogger friends. Thank you so much for your support and prayers.

rikkiBOi said...

who made this commandments??
We should all follow this...

thanks for sharing...

Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for the sharing of the ten commandments.
They are useful indeed - remind the purity that guards our thoughts and thus empowers us to continue what seems even impossible- enables to share the truth for a free and trust the power of word of mouth (the heart) more than Google rankings and other plays with the search engines - Thank you once again

Tamela's Place said...

Hello Raymond,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love these 10 commandments of Blogging. All Christian bloggers should see these. I will place you on my follow list and swing by to visit with you more often.. The quotes are GREAT! God bless you!

Scott McQueen said...

I like these, made me laugh and reminds me not to be so proud of my Blog. God first, then people, then my Blog (just kidding about my Blog). God Bless and Keep up the Good work!



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