Thursday, September 18, 2008

Who is this knocking......?

Who is this knocking at the door of my heart?
I don’t want to let whoever it is in
I have opened the door of my heart
A thousand times before
And let people in
And all they do is rip my heart apart
And leave me bleeding and hurt
Dazed, broken and confused and wondering
Why, oh why did I ever let them in?
So I patch up my heart stitch it ever tighter
And reinforce my hearts door
But my heart keeps on bleeding out
More love and more love
And I get so little back
And feel I don’t have any love left
To give anymore…….
It’s all bled out and been sucked up
By those I’ve let in before
As I peer through the curtain of my soul
I cannot see anyone on the doorstep of my heart
But I feel that someone is just gently knocking
Knocking on the door of my heart
I’m too afraid to let them in
But just maybe this time it will be different
Why do I lie to myself in this way?
I’ve said that a thousand times before
And it’s never been good
And my heart is so fragile
Feels like it’s broken into millions of tiny pieces
I just can’t keep it together anymore
And I really don’t know what to do

Oh if only we knew
That the man who came to earth
Whose heart, soul and body
Bled and died for you
Is knocking on the door of your heart today
And only He can take your broken heart
And make it whole again
Only He can give the unconditional love
You so desperately crave
There is no one else like Him
So just open up the door of your heart
And let Him in.

Revelation 3:20 & 21

Light of The World by William Holman Hunt 1854


penlighted said...


But didn't you know that I have a lot of peers who cried and asked for prayers because they long for Him but it is really hard for them to open their hearts...

They wanted to pray be they couldn't concentrate because of a lot of thoughts. They doubted and questioned. But they wanted to let Him enter.

A lot of people are lucky to accept Him insantly without any walls. Thank you for sharing this. My friends would surely love this.

By the way...
About what I had written about salvation...I had already in my blog...

I know that faith alone is not enough..but that is for the people who say that they have faith but they don't actually have...

If you have faith and love for God everything will follow.

What I am trying to point out is that our faith is constantly being tested.

We never know when will be our greatest challenge for our faith.

Remember the story of Job? I know I have faith in God but I want to strengthen it that no matter what kind of test that will be given to me. I can take it and still thank and praise God for it.

A lot of people said that they have faith but some of them blamed and questioned God for the worst pain they had received. And eventually it made them leave the path of Christ.

My mom would always remind me of that verse. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Light it Up!

Anonymous said...

So easy to open our hearts to the Lord and let Him in, yet we make something so simple so very difficult. I loved your writing today. Hopefully people will read it and let Jesus in today!

Vered - MomGrind said...


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