Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Matthew’s Great Achievement

Our son Matthew did fantastically well in his junior school career. His prize giving, at Bosmansdam Primary, was on the 30 November 2010. He came top of grade 7. He also won the Dux Shield which means that he achieved the highest marks of all the grade 7’s over the seven year period of his junior school career. His name was also put on the school’s roll of honour.

When he went up for his awards Allie and I were in tears, so thankful to God that Matt had continued to work hard throughout his junior school career. Also that Allie could be able to stay at home and give him the support that he needs. All glory to God. Matt has often asked us why God has given Him these gifts and made him this way. We have told him that God has a plan for him and that he will give glory to God with the gifts that God has given him. We also tell him how special he is ‘cause Jesus Christ died for him.

When we thought of a name for Matthew we were not believers , but the name we chose means ‘gift from God’. Thank you our Lord for your precious gift of a child to us.

Matthew is pretty humble and shy and doesn't like to make a big fuss over things so he would probably think it not very 'cool' that I'm blogging about this. I can't help it though I wanna tell the world 'bout how God provides.

So now it’s on to High School starting 18 January 2011!!


CreatedCreative said...

You and your wife have a right to be very proud of your son. Good job raising him! Thanks for the warm comment you left as you reviewed my site. God bless you and your wonderful family.

ALLIE25TH said...

I love to see children actually caring about school because now and days it seems like none of them care.
lol at how you blogged this.
Even now, my ma still calls EVERYONE to tell them about how great I'm doing in anything/everything and I'm in college lol
Great work with him!!

LoCTY said...

Hi Ian and Allie thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments much appreciated.

Aries said...

Hi, just blog hopping. Guess I drop by the right time. Congratulation to you son. Keep up the good work.


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