Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Last Night...Maximen

Hi My Brothers in Christ !!!!

Yea last night it was good to abide in Christ. It really takes a real man to cry. We are just so tuned by the world not to show weakness and if a man cries this is made out to be a weakness. But it really is a strength that we receive from His Holy Spirit. What sharing, what straight talking WOW !!!
This did not stop as we left. The four of us in the car spoke about God and our weaknesses all the way home. Craig and Johan (Naude) are in a similar 'place' right now both looking for jobs and desperate for God to guide them. Clint and myself spoke about our weaknesses as husbands and fathers and where we fall short of serving our Lord. We dropped off Craig and then drove to my place. While parked in my driveway Clint and myself prayed for Johan. Phew it was powerful stuff, our voices cracked and we had tears in our eyes and Johan was crying. He (Johan) then prayed to our Father and then asked us to pray for the infilling of His Holy Spirit. Man.... God's presence in that car was heavy, I had stretched my right hand out to Johan and I could feel it tingling, I have not felt that in a long time. It was just awesome. God's anointing & blessings just continued as I walked into the house everything was done sandwiches made, dishes done, ironing done, Adam had fixed his PC by himself. I mention these 'little' things because they can sometimes rob you of a blessing and often before I open my front door and walk in I say a little prayer which goes something like this ' Jesus no matter what, I will worship you through everything, even if its doing the dishes at 11pm.'
This morning I opened up my sandwich box and Matthew had written a little note for me which read like this ' I love you very much daddy, Matthew and Mom.

Donny I got your other emails at 7.20pm last night. Read them this morning, thanks bud.

Clint and myself are thinking about doing a mobile prayer chapel, still thinking of a name mebbe Spiritual Meals on Wheels. Any further suggestions ?

Clint (G) and myself are going to hand out some tracts on Friday night from about 7pm on Voortrekker Road. If you want to step out in faith with us you are more than welcome. Just contact me, my home number is 558 0521, work no. below.

And now God is building you, as living stones into His spiritual temple. Whats more you are God's holy priests, who offer the spiritual sacrifices that please Him because of Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:5)

LoCTY !!!!!!

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