Monday, October 11, 2004

Prayer Update

To The Saints !!!!

Maybe some of you can remember about a month or so ago Allie used up all her call time to SMS many of you to support us in prayer about purchasing a newer car.
A colleague of hers(Lesley) had decided to go back to her family in Scotland(don't know why yet), the car in question was given to Lesley as a present in 1996 by the parents of her former fiancée. You can make your own deductions about all these 'coincidences'(I just love em).
When Allie told me about the car, a Ford Tracer 1600, 1996 model, one owner with 85,000 k's on the clock at a going price of R26,000 my immediate thought was yeah right so the money is just kinda going to fall from the sky.
What to do? Just ask Jesus. So we did and guess what? We took ownership of the car this past Friday. When I got home this past Friday evening I just went to go look at it and then sit in it and just marvel at how God worked in our lives to bless us. I was like a little boy in candy store,(sorta gratefully bemused) checking out all the things that worked. I mean the windscreen wipers worked and did not get stuck, you could push a button and water would spray on the windows(incredible, we normally had to wait till it rained) and so on. Okay I know all you guys with your Beemers, Mercs, Renos et al are probably saying so what but when you have driven by faith for so long its quite a step up in the mechanical world.
I just want to thank you all for your prayers and a special thank you to those of you who actually came forward and answered some of our prayers. And to think all of this all and all of who we are would not be possible if it were not for Jesus Christ! All Glory to God!!!!

Would you believe me if I said.....
That we are the ones who can make the change
In the world today...
Would you believe me if I said.....
That all of of the dreams in your heart
Can come true .... Today
Would you believe me if I said....
That life could be all that you want it to be.... Today

And if I had wings I would fly
'Cause all that I need you are
And if the world caved in around me
To you I'd still hold on
'Cause you're all that I believe
And the one that created me
JESUS because of you... I'M FREE...

Just live your life ...with GOD inside
You won't regret one moment of it...
And give it all that you can FOR GOD.
(Free. Marty Sampson/Hillsong)


PS Many more things(good and bad) actually happened in this last month or so and we have received so many blessings that I could write a book about it. I'll spare you guys though(for now!).

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